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In United States, Disar Trade has been providing satisfied renovators with services. Nothing is too small or too big for our team of professionals, whether it be a simple bathroom makeover or a full home build. We only include high-quality household items with reasonable costs that we directly support. View our wide selection of fashionable bathroom cabinets. There is furniture for every need with a wide range of bathroom storage solutions, from bathroom vanities to bathroom cabinets. Find something that will fit your aesthetic, whether it be something classy and traditional, sleek and futuristic, or anything in between.

Authorities in our business will tell in no uncertain terms.

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Our Vision


There is furniture for every need

Customer Focus

Our customer focus is centered around providing the best service in every project and fully meeting our customers' needs. We continuously consider feedback and offer solution-oriented approaches to ensure customer satisfaction.

Quality and Durability

Quality and durability are fundamental principles of our products and services. With the use of high-quality materials and our expert team, we guarantee excellence and longevity in every stage of our projects.

Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of our business. We constantly follow industry trends and provide innovative solutions to our customers. We utilize our creative ideas to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality in our projects.

Collaboration and Reliability

Collaboration and reliability are the foundation of building long-term relationships with our customers. Through transparency and honesty in our project processes, we earn our customers' trust and establish successful partnerships.